GBCI: Green building council seminar

The Big Circle
The Transition to Circular Economy

A new economic form such as circular economy will be a solution not only for economic sustainability but also environmental sustainability. It is hoped that with circular economy, the empowerment of natural resources that have been exploited can be used as much as possible and impact on the reduction of natural resources extraction. To switch from linear economy to circular economy requires transition and certainly not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of the circular economy, how to run it and how the practices that have been implemented by various sectors.

The building industry is also not free from the issue of exploitation of natural resources. Not to mention the various emissions generated by the building, both in terms of operational and emissions generated by building materials used. If the building industry does not immediately adapt to the circular economy of its activities, the resulting impact will be even more dangerous for the environment.

To make a real impact on it, GBC Indonesia held a seminar event entitled BIG CIRCLE: THE TRANSITION TO CIRCULAR ECONOMY to be held at:


Day / Date:       Friday, November 10, 2017,

Time:                 10:00 to 15:00 pm

Venue:               Indonesia Construction & The Big 5 Construct Indonesia, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)



Participants will be given a certificate of seminar participation as an appreciation and for GREENSHIP Professional (GP) will earn 8 points KUM points

10:00 - 10:30
Venue: Merak 3, JCC
Room : Cendrawasih Hall, JCC

Widjojo Hardjo Prakoso

Room : Cendrawasih Hall, JCC


Room : Cendrawasih Hall, JCC

Representative BASF

Room : Cendrawasih Hall, JCC

Representative PHILIPS

Room : Cendrawasih Hall, JCC
14:30 - 15:00
Best Practise

Representative AKZONOBEL

Room : Cendrawasih Hall, JCC