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Hear what industry leaders have to say about the opportunities and challenges in the Southeast Asian Construction Market in the interviews below.

Exclusive insight: Willy Winarko on What Makes a Smart City, Smart?

Willy Winarko is a radio personality, tech-enthusiast and smart city professional based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Willy is Currently working with Qlue Indonesia, a technology start-up focusing on geospatial technology and smart city development. Qlue operates in 8 cities in Indonesia, with international clients in Malaysia and India, among many others.

With a background in broadcasting and political activism, Willy speaks to a large urban audience and understand the needs of the common citizen. In recent years, he has been working closely with the youth and local communities in finding ways to make Jakarta a more suitable city to live in.

Willy believes that technology will have a huge impact in modern city living, and we should be aware of these changes as soon as possible. Utilization of smart city technology will not just increase the quality of life for citizens, but also open new opportunities to those willing to develop solutions in the coming years.


Q. Why is it important for construction sector professionals to know about Indonesia’s Smart City Vision?

A. "A smart city's definition is very broad and can be open to interpretation. Sometimes, smart city development becomes fragmented due to our hunger for current technology/technology used by other countries and cities."

Q. While having IOTs and the most updated tech is important, fundamentals come first. is it integrated? how is data managed? can it be accessed by customers/citizens? Is the public ready? are there local habits? can we benefit from AI? 

A. "These are just a few things we can explore."

Q. What is their role in creating a smart city?

A. "For professionals & businesses, they can offer customized solutions to specific branches of governments. For Govt. officials, they can adopt the most effective technology for their needs, taking an integrated approach in development."

Q. Who are the right people to attend your talk at The Big 5 Construct Indonesia?

A. "Government officials/businesses directly dealing with govt. / professionals in tech, construction, etc."

Q. How does it benefit them to know about your topic?

A. "They can understand the landscape better. I will give insights about the current development in the works, as well as potential developments to come."

Q. Why is Indonesia the best country in Southeast Asia to hold innovation in construction talks?

A. "Infrastructure has been a priority in Indonesia's current administration. Govt. spending is high, with many opportunities. Huge economy, with much development needed."

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