Dubai’s DP World to help develop Indonesian ports

Trade between Dubai and Indonesia in the first quarter of 2017 exceeded $300 million. Dubai’s DP World to help develop Indonesian ports to advise on the development of facilities in the Southeast Asian country. Read more


Building information adoption - taking Indonesia construction to the next level

In the last decade, building information modelling, also referred to as ‘BIM,’ has revolutionized the approach taken to projects by architects, engineers and the wider construction industry... Read more


Ministry of Public Works and Housing - underpinning Indonesia's infrastructure

Indonesia is undergoing an exciting period of change, with its growing consumer class estimated to reach 90 million people by 2030. A number of developments, such as improved infrastructure and rapid urbanization... Read more


Indonesia’s new airport - creating a transport hub

Indonesia has a population of more than 250 million people and is one of world's fastest growing air travel markets. Jakarta, the country’s capital, officially opened a new airport... Read more


The Impact of the Shortfalls in Indonesia Infrastructure on its Economy

For many years in Indonesia, infrastructure - particularly its significant shortfalls – was the major block to the country achieving higher economic growth... Read more


Top Government Infrastructure Construction Projects in Indonesia 

As an emerging country, Indonesia is keeping pace with the development of other economies by setting its focus on government infrastructure construction and development... Read more


Understanding State Infrastructure Construction Projects in Indonesia

Indonesia’s government has estimated that at least US$400 billion will need to be channelled into state infrastructure construction in the immediate term to achieve its goal of 7-9% GDP growth by 2020. Read more


Indonesia Infrastructure - Financing Construction

The Indonesian construction industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with a $550 billion dollar budget allocated right up to 2019 for infrastructure projects. Read more


Continuing Professional Development in the Construction Industry

The construction industry has undergone a seismic shift over the last decade in the way things are done and continuing professional development (CPD) has risen to the top of the agenda as a top priority for the industry worldwide. Read more


Indonesia Set for Sustainability Best Practices in Infrastructure overall

Indonesia is one of the world's fastest-growing markets and economies. In the period spanning 2012 to 2025, it will have moved from the world's tenth biggest economy to the world's fifth largest. Read More


Top 10 construction trends for 2016

The government of Indonesia is advancing its construction sector with plans of spending $22 billion in 2016 alone and a total of $450 billion by 2020... Read more


Indonesia’s construction plan races ahead

The government of Indonesia plans to spend $450 billion on infrastructure alone by 2020 with construction already underway having spent $22 billion as of 2016... Read more


Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

$164 billion Worth of Opportunities & the Importance of Learning about Indonesia’s Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Construction... Read more


Jakarta MRT Project

The Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit Project– Demonstrating Indonesia’s Unstoppable Commitment to Developing its Transportation Infrastructure... Read more


Effective Project Management Skills for Indonesian and International Construction Projects

Discover helpful tips for managing construction projects during the Indonesian construction trade show Indonesia has the fastest growing construction market in South East Asia and is a major... Read more