2017 Workshop Agenda

A series of free-to-attend workshops complementing the ethos of the leading construction event of Indonesia, including a diverse set of tools from exciting case studies, powerful keynotes, captivating debates on what’s new and relevant, addressing the challenges of construction and takeaway practical solutions for a better future. 

NOTE: CPD certificates will be issued onsite to participants that attend within the first 30 minutes of the workshop session.


  • General Overview of construction
  • Green and Sustainable Construction
  • Technology and Design in Building Construction 

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Theme - General Overview of Construction

  • What is the “New Construction Law?”
  • The role of Project finance in Construction
  • How to build efficiently during the rainy seasons
  • Key trends to watch in Indonesia’s construction industry in 2017
  • What is the impact of foreign direct investments in Indonesia’s construction sector?
  • Overview of the Indonesian Mining Industry
  • Health and Safety in Construction
  • Factors leading to the advent of Mass Urbanization in Indonesia
  • road construction method for longer durability 
  • Challenges & Awareness of policies and standards of safety in construction
  • Government Initiatives for Indonesia economic growth – Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia Economic Development (MP3EI)
  • How to overcome the bottlenecks in Indonesia's PPP framework?
  • Indonesia's New Government plans on Affordable Accommodation
  • What are the growth prospects by the Indonesia’s Construction Market?
  • Elements of cost overruns, delays, and risk involved in construction management
  • Construction quality management
  • Regional Infrastructure Development Fund Project
  • Indonesia’s Infrastructure Finance Facility Project
  • Importance of technology on sewer and drainage in big cities
  • Crowdfunding as an alternative finance source for urban infrastructure
  • Governments plans on boosting investor confidence in Indonesia
  • Elements of cost overruns, delays, and risk involved in construction management


Theme - Green and Sustainable Construction

  • Addressing the rise in more sustainable infrastructure development across the region
  • Affordable quality construction material – Bamboo Construction
  • Building materials contribution to support energy efficiency
  • Indonesia's Government plans on  Sustainable Housing
  • Paving a green pathway for Indonesia’s construction industry
  • Waste management in construction sites
  • Green Technology application in construction
  • Sustainable use of Bamboo in Construction
  • Challenges faced in implementing Sustainability across a project lifecycle
  • How can Indonesia’s construction industry contribute to Green development?
  • Financing Green Building Projects
  • Future Development for Sustainable Construction Policy in the market 
  • Green Building Regulations - What you need to know


Theme - Technology and Design in Building Construction

  • Innovative Solutions to Indonesia’s Construction Industry
  • Exploring the adoption of BIM in Indonesia’s construction sector
  • Building Smart Cities in Indonesia
  • Smart building and automation in international standard building
  • How BIM is transforming the construction industry
  • New Technology in the Construction Industry
  • Energy optimization in the context of the built environment
  • BIM - From Concept to Construction
  • Space Efficiency and Conceptualization
  • Shaping the Future of Construction in Indonesia
  • The Road Ahead for Indonesia – What does the future hold for Indonesia’s Construction Sector
  • Current Research Trends in Interior Design
  • Sustainable Interior Design Solutions
  • Ideas and materials for interior design
  • Architecture and Interior, Finding the perfect balance
  • Ideas and materials for interior design
  • Designing by way of minimizing operational costs


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